The Company

Al Sayegh Insurance Brokers LLC. a registered company owned by one of the oldest trading families in U.A.E. Al Sayegh Brothers Group, a diversified group of companies, is the parent company having offices across United Arab Emirates, Qatar and has been in operation since 1980.Al Sayegh is one of the market leaders in the electronics industry with brands such as Palson, LG, Olympus, Sharp to name a few. The group is also involved in Contracting, Travel and tourism, Medical supplies, Healthcare products, etc. Al Sayegh Insurance brokers L.L.C is presently registered with the Ministry of Economy and complies with its stringent requirements to operate as a professional insurance broker in the United Arab Emirates. (Ministry of Economy Registration No.165 under Federal Insurance Law). Al Sayegh Insurance Brokers is well connected to the local, international and the re insurance markets and is well placed to cater the complete insurance portfolio of its varied clientele. In addition we do the risk management services at the behest of our clients. The Team

The Al Sayegh Insurance team consists of qualified Insurance professionals who have each been in the industry for more than a decade and who have the expertise and experience to study, recommend and customize the insurance requirements of multinational business houses, Manufacturing, Trading, Services and other type of corporate clients. What benefit (value) can the company provide you?
In all developed economies the role of an insurance broker for medium to large scale businesses is considered critical since insurance requirements of each client is different whereas Insurers are generally issuing standard policies.Often the technical terms used, the policy conditions and exclusions etc are required to be studied and interpreted in the proper manner and not confuse the insuring public. It is in this context that a professional broker can come to the help of both large scale and individual insurance buyers. Al Sayegh Insurance Brokers is fully conversant with the U.A.E. and Middle East insurance markets and can offer cost effective insurance solutions and alternatives to our clients based on their requirement. Our role is not restricted to procurement of insurance policies - it only begins here. We scrutinize the policies once they are issued (there has indeed been several occasions when insurance policies were issued wrongly or did not cover the event for which it was purchased or carried inaccurate information leading to non-payment or repudiation of claims) and handle your claims.

Al Sayegh Insurance Brokers offers you

  • Peace of mind that a professional insurance broker meeting the stringent requirements of the U.A.E. authorities is looking after your insurance needs.
  • Review of your current insurance policies and suggest improvements in the interest of protecting your assets and covering your liabilities.
  • Comparisons of present cost to competitive market price and conduct negotiations on your behalf with insurers and obtain cost efficient quality insurance products.
  • Scrutiny of your policy documentation once it is issued.
  • Periodic review of your insurance requirements and risk assessments
  • Insurance expertise in handling your claims on your behalf
  • Our services as a qualified and professional insurance broker is at NO ADDED COST to you.

  • Gathering information from clients, assessing their insurance needs and risk profile;
  • Building and maintaining ongoing relationships with clients including scheduling and attending meetings and understanding the nature of clients’ businesses or lives;
  • Foreseeing clients' insurance needs, such as policy renewals;
  • Researching insurance companies' policies and negotiating with underwriters to find the most suitable insurance for clients at the best price;
  • Arranging specialised types of insurance cover in complex cases; this may involve preparing reports for insurance underwriters and surveyors and negotiating with insurers;
  • Advising clients on risk management, and helping to devise new ways to mitigate risks, for example, by adding security measures such as fencing, surveillance cameras or lighting to commercial properties to reduce the likelihood of break-ins;
  • Renewing or amending existing policies;
  • Advising clients whether and when they need to make a claim on their policies;
  • Developing relationships with underwriters, surveyors, photographers, structural engineers and other professionals;
  • Administrative tasks such as dealing with paperwork, correspondence, keeping detailed records.
  • Keeping up with changes in the insurance market and in the clients' industries;
But our ultimate aim is to attain utmost customer satisfaction by SERVICE BY EXCELLENCE .

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